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A well-organized, safe, secure, and nurturing environment where a child feels free to explore and learn independently.


We monitor your child's comfort, health, and activities, and provide you with a comprehensive report.

Safety and Security

We ensure security with CCTV cameras and on-site personnel. Additionally, we use a card system for enhanced safety.

About Child Care & Playgroup

Angels Hub Child Care & Playgroup has been operating under the supervision of team of specialists in Early Child Development for the past eight years, with over five years of experience specifically in child care services. As pioneers in the field, we understand the needs of children and employ experienced and professional staff who can help your child become a future star. We organize a “Fun For Learn” program to promote optimal growth in early child development. Our approach ensures that your child meets the highest standards and is well-prepared for acceptance into competitive schools. Each week, our programs follow a specific theme, such as the human body or farm animals. Our teaching methods include “Fun For Learn” activities, nursery rhymes, study rooms, books and workbooks, flashcards, videos, and various activities. Additionally, we have a playgroup area where children engage in numerous activities that facilitate learning. We believe in the importance of a strong educational program for early child development.For enhanced security, we are equipped with CCTV cameras and on-site personnel, along with a card system for added safety.

Child Care In Karachi

Angels Hub Child Care in Karachi has become essential for working parents. Unfortunately, many childcare centers in Karachi are unaffordable for the middle class, catering mainly to the elite. Recognizing this need, Angels Hub Child Care and Playgroup was established with affordability in mind, located in the Shahrah-e-Faisal area. A search for childcare in Karachi typically highlights high-end centers in Clifton, Defense, or DHA, making them inaccessible for many families living in PECHS. Now, parents seeking an affordable childcare option near Shahrah-e-Faisal and the surrounding PECHS area can rejoice, as Angels Hub is here to serve your community.


As first-time parents, we had no experience with child care centers, making it challenging to choose a place that was safe, educational, and accessible—especially given Karachi's unpredictable traffic conditions. We found exactly what we were looking for with Angels Hub child Care and Playgroup. Our daughter is cared for by people who genuinely care about her and want to see her succeed in life. We love hearing about the new things she learns and experiences each day. We appreciate that the teachers are actively teaching her, not just supervising.
Aeman, Emaan & Khadija’s Happy Mother

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